Tobacco, alcohol,… are they limiting disadvantages? The happy sobriety brings freedom to (bring)?

The consumption of alcohol, tobacco and meat are culturally dominant and it's here to denigrate them or moralize them! Exclude them common areas of the ecohameau is an interesting experience for everyone, smokers are finally enthusiasts, and duty make 100 meters for smoking outside makes you think or even change of normal reflexes. An opportunity for exploration and discovery.

It annoys me much when some alcoophiles tell me think of it as "evil" of drinking or smoking, or tell me that I would be "Holy".. I wonder if those judgments appear their taste: by duality of what would be banned or restricted? My taste is that of a child who feels for the first time alcohol or smoked, without ever having used it. We are in the research (expected sovereign) best and sweetest for ourselves, but this is different for each, based on both parameters…

I have the impression that smoking and drinking are for many acts of socialisation, is a tell to do like everyone else to "be part of the group", or do the opposite by influence, reaction or insufficiently thoughtful statement. For others, a way to anesthetize is, is deshiniber, slow down or (se) destroy without really be satisfied with his life. For more rare, a "therapeutic" way (as per example to contact by short-circuiting the reasons which inhibit us.. temporary .moyen? which would not be the only or the deepest).

The people coming in here live freedom do not drink or smoke, without being excluded from the group. And do not suffer the consequences of an alcoholic neighbourhood (desolation, noise, hourly,?). And to live or develop the most simple and without psychoactive dreams?

Here addition legal reasons and fire safety. Bouches Decree prohibits smoking within 200 m of a wooded area. All other lights (camp, Fireworks, candles, incense…) are also prohibited. For the benefit? Solar baths with (or without) hot water whose 'environmental management' is detailed elsewhere.

Here are other benefits:

Have you ever compared the atmosphere of "nature" alcoholic, and sober but happy gatherings?

Smile to life in a more sustainable way with real vitamins? While the exciting have a short-term effect and destroy the vitamins, it would also be an open mind to the examples and solutions appearing more advantageous.

diet: habits, culture, education, memories, beliefs, they are second nature?

When to vegetarianism (for courses and meetings "raw" or "cooked" according to the organisers), the still a matter of taste? hoping that experience, which may be limited in time, will be an opportunity to discover a physiological and ecological power (dividing by 2 or 3 Earth's surface needs: while giving us more pleasure and nutrients), consistent with our physiology and sensitivity (and the human physical constitution), this is an opportunity to rethink its routines habits… Among the permanent inhabitants, each is independent; On the way to its own tastes, discoveries and experiences. Today, there are purchases grouped fruits and vegetables directly from producers and organic wholesalers.

Awareness that makes also "stronger"? (see links in the article ".. .proteines vegetable…", with the champions of the World Vegan as Carl Lewis)

Awareness that all budgets combined and engineers could build won't be – what an Ant, force our admiration and respect for life: for ours as for others. That seems to be in human nature when it is unspoilt, authentic, without violence:

Hunting and slaughter are distinct activities of food friendly, well separated, humans can chew in the living animal relaxed during a friendly meal, there need of intellectual, cultural, culinary Fireworks or a prior slaughter. This allowed him to survive the ice age, prior to which he was not hunting (areas warm enough).

The fact of daily meat, milk, sugar and refined grains, industrial additives, pesticides… date of 1925 in America, 1945 in Europe, 1980 in China. As also noted in experiments for breeding in rats and cats who are given a food that is too unnatural (naturally cats are made to eat raw meat, the rats of full seeds, etc), the 1st generation did not suffered physically, the 2nd generation has orthodontic problems, 3rd generation degenerates with diseases that affect then also youth such as diabetes, obesity, cancer (an increase also in europe with already 1 person on both of which it has (had) during an entire lifetime! can you imagine better end, nicer, cheaper for the family and solidarity?),…

Threats to the environment posed by alcohol, cigarettes, BBQ, Fireworks, candles and incense:

Smoking is perhaps not always linked to destructive behavior, but this is prohibited due to the risk of fire.


I find it unfortunate to drown in alcohol, to be rather than seek a better solution "well-being", or eat "to do like everyone else". Could it be something else?

Can we eat "reasonable," "moderately"? I do not know.

In a group, there's drive towards consumption, those who have been drinking less or not at all.

One who would organize an evening should not allow exiting car of persons who were reportedly drunk, if after an alcohol test. I do not know whether a special license, which is responsible for accident and especially, I would like this place to be creative not new forms of conviviality and well-being more authentic.

If some moderately drink after meeting, they encourage others to consume more.


-In homes, the tobacco leaves a tenacious smell that is not to the liking of the roommates or following tenants.

-For security: it is officially considered that one-third of the forest fires in the Bouches are due to discarded butts. Should be a box-ashtray in the Pocket and a (very) large vigilance?

The Decree of 2007 for Bouches does not provide this derogation: it simply prohibits smoking at less than 200 metres from a forest massif, invariably in June, July, August and September, as well as by dry weather or windy all the rest of the year.

This constraint also applies to BBQs, Fireworks, candles and incense, and all that is incandescent.

-Filters of cigarettes leave microfibers that explosively in 1000 years, pollutant land and 500 litres of water.

What is the motivation for smoking?

-Because it smells good? (not unanimous)

-Is this because parents who have said and repeated that "it is not for children", the young adult concluded without really thinking about it, that it was for adults?

-Is by imitation?

-Is this reaction? assertion? contradiction?

-Is for a search for well-being?

-In last event, – is it to destroy itself? Can we then defend life and the general interest, to oppose or remain neutral (how long)?

Council looking for paradise in a écolieu: "first do paradise inside yourself, and you will find easily anywhere"! (quote: Bio-plot)
"Inside" ecology is considered important to form a good basis for externally applied ecology. (quote: living water)
Respect for others begins with self-respect (assertion-assumption free and unfounded JD)


Special announcement

Stop smoking, take a deep breath and enjoy!

If you decide to quit smoking now or soon, print this image then set it on your nightstand or your refrigerator and check the boxes as you find your breath, the taste of food and health.

This document is based on the number of the month of March of the records of Health & Nutrition: how to become an ex-smoker (se).