To live, rentals or acquisitions at price incentive (rates and Charter)

Ecology and priority has the wild expression of nature, seeking a minimize all structures and facilities, outlaw industrial products, as well as in the bath salt, because salt is not biodegradable and prevent most of the trees.

This article will be soon summary with links to go to the different developed topics. EN ATTENDANT there is a summary of the Charter at the bottom of the CONTACT form

Toilet dry to contribute positively (formation of humus).

In order to offer a serene and unspoilt setting, dogs, alcohol and smoke are excluded from the ecohameau.

It is a help for:

  • Hedgehogs (decimated by dogs)
  • Those who want to reduce their cigarette conso, and those who smoke or alcooliseraient by imitation or decorum, without really thinking about the authority of this "single thought", "collective unconscious" or anesthesia that dispenses with asking the right questions and find solutions.
Council looking for paradise in a écolieu: "first do paradise inside yourself, and you will find easily anywhere"! (quote: Bio-plot)
"Inside" ecology is considered important to form a good basis for externally applied ecology. (quote: living water)
Purpose: self-sufficiency so as to do no harm to another or to the Earth. (quote Paradizo)
JD: the other = or yourself?
Asked an opening to the dialogue and the contradiction for techniques and environmentally friendly products: the aim being to apply what each found best in the general interest.
New consensual decisions may be taken if they comply with the Charter (summarized and detailed later in this article).

New admissions are consensual with the inhabitants.

Need to spend a bit of time, with a contract of lease of 2 or 9 months to get to know and make connaitre (or camping: there are several free options or pay, with or without volunteering, everyone can find conditions that suit him, see article wwoofing).

In furniture, a lease agreement is of one year renewable automatically. The lessee may choose to leave at any time in accordance with a notice of one month.

No diet is imposed, neighbors or children. Asked an intellectual open only to the interests of a healthy food and prefer to oppose scientific arguments open to contradiction or arguments of taste or habit, and not firm prejudices. Might also inquire about the scientific, sensitive, taste, pragmatic views. The sample without obligation is appreciated.
If it is important for you to know if everyone here is vegan or crudi, ask the question when the time comes, because this is variable depending on admissions and can evolve.

The rental formula is a good way to know the place or study for the possibility to settle there, 30% less than the Aachen Prize, considering costs included here.

For some housing, possibility of CAF help

Rents devoted time to the directly related costs (2000 to €3000 / month), material and non-for-profit shares. As places remain vacant longer, because of the possible the most ecological Charter. It is legally authorized or prescribed (and non-ejection) housing, with 3 expertise. Only 10 of 2 ha to promote quality of life more significant than in other places and seasonal campsites in the region became home to year-round camps, with its tent and caravan pitches €450 or dilapidated caravans has €600.

An owner who would have no bank loan to repay or to pay the purchase price, would also pay still 200 to €300 / month for its housing (tax = € 100; water + elec + tel + internet = €100; parking or bottled drinking water = €50; loads of investment, work or loads of condominium: €50; this being as everything else, open to the contradiction in the comments)

Rates in the year 2014-2015

To deter people who would not seek actually benefit from the authentic and preserved environment proposed in the Charter, a penalty is provided for in cases of rape of one of its clauses (if this rape is doubly found what assumes a manifest desire to impose something else)

The prices here listed in the middle column correspond to the amount still to be paid after subtracting €100 discount for good respect for the Charter and €30 discount for 2 h of monthly solidarity.

Proposed price

(Monthly contract furnished; After accession to the Charter)

Deposit = 1 month's rent.

Notice = 1 month


also found

Mini Chalet of about 14 M2 (1 person only), adjoining two other

Small (two other adjoining) about 19 M2 chalet

or small chalet 18 M2 (independent 30 metres from the House)

€ 400 + 20 = €420 taxes included for 14 m 2

480 + 20 = 500cc for 18 to 20 m 2

400 to 800

Other lodging of 30-35M 2

"Yurt" 35M 2, (50M 2 floor)

€550 cc

€600 cc

House 110 m2, 3 bedrooms (20, 10, and 10M 2)

Fireplace insert, floor heating, and solar dhw, Bay Windows, canosmose, cedar, douglas, natural insulation, thermal inertia.


Or room: 10 m 2 = €350 or 20 m 2 = €700.


Are included in the price of rent and charges: 20 euros of electricity per month, which is usually sufficient to light and indoor showers, but would not be sufficient in the case of electric heating and cooking


Opening meter EDF


Subscription EDF

electricity consumption

possible variable overflow, for example 0.14 x 500KWH = €70

ADSL subscription

Free no warranty but quite satisfactory

30 to 45/month

Termination ADSL



drinking water (ctrl DASS)

M3/month included


0 to 15/month

Washing machine

Acquire or repair

A ackerir or rent

Parking or parking



Solidarity in the work which would be due by the lessor

2 H/month average


furniture and moving truck

Some modest furniture supplied

According to qualification furnished or not

Total expenses in addition to the «rent charges included»:

Here 5€ to €75 / month + 2 H

also 100 to €400 / month

Are not included:

personal consumption of wood, gas.

Also provide the (mandatory) tenant insurance costs,

The negotiable housing tax that is eventually sent to the tenant by the Treasury,

The garbage fee.

Plenty of space "at the end of the world" 300 m from charming small country roads, but do not expect something in the middle of the Woods, access does not dream, on the other hand the heart of the land is wooded. All around it was not that of nature, the West there are some mobile homes and villas and the road Aix – Avignon at 400 m which can be heard depending on the wind, and to the East there is a soundproof but more noisy nightclub in July-August.

500 m: Transport, ware fruit-vegetables, restaurants. Fields, and forest to the North.

1000 m: Château de au grand st jean, plays the festival of lyric art in summer.

2 km: South: shops in the village of Eguilles (views and magnificent streets), 

to the North: landing of learning of the parachute club.

4 km: bio producer

6 Km: village of venelles with commercial area.

10 km: Aix centre: facs, Rotunda, cours mirabeau… 

And from the ecohameau by the campaign without going through the city:

20 min: gare tgv. 

35 min: Airport



Each is independent (this is not a community), but with a neighbourhood cohesion: dry toilet favorite, no chemistry, no dogs or herbivores, no hunting or breeding (see section "mea culpa" If this does not suit you), fair and healthy lifestyle, avoid cut and trim. Fire and smoke are reserved fireplaces equipped with spark arrestor, in winter.

A Charter should not think that you suffer some authority. On the contrary, it is presented ahead of. Transparency is contrary to the manipulation. If you understand and share these wishes, we will avoid any disappointment or feeling to ingest when assessing each differs. By asking (all) rules, it gives these freedoms to those who would want a non-smoking (fire risk) environment, goat, dog without hedges square to live something to their liking in a certain tranquillity. It shapes the face of the place and people are living, that decide one day to spend some time in a flawed hiring or inspiration. And I count a little on those there to inform or educate older coherent solutions, of general interest, to which they would have not well thought.

Furnished rental contracts are free entry and exit: appreciated, selective, rentals in trying to have a certain quality (expertise of planning, of decency, quiet, space). In summer, it is not required or expected to make room for holiday rentals as in some student rentals.

Note that all rentals are subject to availability, until reciprocal confirmation with signature of a contract and payment of the rent. And it is not always possible to improvise due to other bookings.

This document sometimes resembles the recommendations introducing the record of household appliances. Our Western societies, in (se) protecting too? become gloomy. This is a consequence of a certain rigor to not impose unexpected conditions.

Certain things, by experience, are not always obvious to those who have never rented nor read the small lines of a contract. As for example the "consultation" section.

Before any contract, asked to accede to this Charter, to save time and avoid misunderstandings. The various sections of this web site are developments, taking advantage of experiences and interactive documents with the best finds of each (each can participate anonymously or identified).

Special conditions, whereby I start:




Your rental is not purely commercial. It is also subject to compliance with certain rules:

Special clauses to the tubasse:

Ecology and priority has the wild expression of nature, seeking a minimize all structures and facilities, outlaw industrial products, as well as the salt which is not biodegradable and prevent most of the trees.

In order to provide a serene setting, dogs, alcohol and smoke are prohibited within the scope of the ecohameau. It is a help for those who want to reduce their cigarette conso, and those who smoke or alcooliseraient by imitation or propriety.

(1) use of products and cosmetic 100% natural and ecological (provided in case of rentals), even and especially for treatments. There are solutions that involve only benefits without grever budget (ask for details if necessary). The eco-label ensures that 20% of the ingredients while the organic label guarantees more and the label "nature et progrès", yet +.

But in cosmetics, pushy "retail" yet arrive at loopholes of labels:

About nectar of nature (carrefour):

The best products are simple, cheap, no label or brand: pure black SOAP, the pure land of rhassoul without any additives (both in the markets and eastern districts flea)

, washing nuts (in store, it is also less expensive than a conventional laundry), vinegar (a few cents per litre), are 100% natural and biodegradable.

Stains on load, it must be fresh and put SOAP on dry clothes before soaking and washing. In some cases hydrogen peroxide may be helpful.

No salt in the water bath (does not degrade and trees at night).

(2) the Decree of the Department banned without derogations within 200 M of a wooded area: smoking, or use of fire (ex: barbecues, Fireworks, incense, candles), according to the weather in cold season, as well as daily from June 1st until end of September.

(3) No dogs (attention cats, chickens, bunnies, dragonflies and hedgehogs in freedom): land without dung, barking (or injunctions of dressage?).

No herbivores, to preserve the plant biotope.

Mice that would be included in housing would be captured according to article 'mouse', with pots and not poisoned, to: avoid suffering, avoid corpses in the dubbing of the House with all their mites, not poison predators. Searchable article by searching for 'mouse' in this website presents viable solutions that resolve the problems usually encountered with traps.

The hens that would be possibly adopted, would retain all their feathers and wings, their only pleasure and defence (see interests and consequences in the article).

Do not let waste, or store material in the defined places provided for this purpose. A single vehicle allowed per person.

(4) dry toilet, possible hens: see developed tips. (do not cut the feathers or wings of hens)

(5) must be agreed (agreed) with the owner:

-Any planting, seedlings (for the varietal choice and risks of crosses)

-Any size or cutting of plants or modifications of access or housing. (to avoid years of patience are lost within seconds of different rated)

Dwellings are (or will be) vegetated. The Ivies and native plants larger than 50 cm are kept, dead hardwoods are reserved for permaculture, the softwood continuous for the path.

do not cut the grass, or in a well coordinated area / from July 15 (after vegetative and flowering): because the nature as it is expressed is more beneficial and harmonious, because we can sleep grass according to our activity, for + softness, a better balance and to protect bats according to:

(5) the roommate in the House is more restrictive than in individual dwellings: the choice is made (by proponents as by policyholders) of no tv, of a vegetarian diet, a house without smells meat or tobacco. The discipline is pee sitting and keep a clean kitchen. The wish is to live to the rhythm of the Sun (it sleeps the night).

(6) noise and smell of the nearby disco some days. It may restart the freebox electricity.

(7) the provision of internet services

-East cable, it is asked to do not use WiFi

-is free and without guarantee of proper functioning. Maintains them (and major repairs) are your responsibility. The lessor could not be held responsible for problems with computers, computer viruses, etc… and recommends unplugging the computer when it does not (risks related to Lightning by electricity and internet).

… And to the tubasse:

The lessee shall refrain from illegal downloads on the internet, which could deprive login all users of the same line. To contribute to the sustainability of the service ADSL, freebox is doubled a control voltage of power supply and telephone, perhaps obviating his failure and his long period of replacement. But this protection is not 100% reliable.

It is protected by a wooden chest, keep well closed to maintain a repulsive smell for the ants (Hey Lavender) so that they are not eggs in electronics as in the past.

A good reflex passing (and immediately after opening the door or borrowed a cable): check that the door is immediately closed (the applicable release a little essential oil before closing), and that the external sheets of the RJ45 patch cables (those used sometimes to connect near the freebox), be placed on their support on this chest so that it can be rapidly monitored by each that they are sheltered from rain and dew in the morning.

(8) the lessee may at any time be aware of its power consumption which a share is included in the package of loads, the index of its sous‐ meter is:

(9) the tenant has experienced to circulate at night with a flashlight "key" and found this sufficient lighting.

Leave his car in the parking lot (or the roadside), the rest wins to be traversed on foot, cars being reserved for the unloading and emergency access. 3 small cottages are near the parking lot.

Are provided before signing the lease: a State of natural hazards (earthquakes) and technological and diagnosed DPE (whereby an average of heating costs is shown in the table at the end), and the instructions of devices and security features.

To anticipate the next information obligations, I add here that it is dangerous to live, and that you are exposed to multiple risks such as poisoning, burglary, rape, assault, murder, fire, deadly boredom, disappointment, portable phone, drugs, diseases, pollution, meteorites, microbes, bad information, wickedness, stupidity, rigidity, flexibility, raw, cooked, treachery, lightning, projectiles, canine rabid, injuries, etc. There are other standard things that are dangerous, such as electricity, including electromagnetic disturbances… and even insecticides and some incense, varnishes and paints that we ban here.      … And you did scorcheth responsibility on the lessor (it is not your parent or boss neither COP nor psy…, it is just a supplier partner whose role is limited to the provision of a space) 😉

Recall of certain generic terms of the conventional leases (at the tubasse as elsewhere):

"The tenant liability" insurance is mandatory, as well as the payment of a deposit. In case of departure you will need a month's notice: provide 45 days because legally within a month start takes receipt of the LRAR of leave, prorated without any started month is due.

(10) "quiet enjoyment" = serenity and cleanliness:

No alcoholism, no noise (any derogation is ad hoc and is subject to acceptance by all residents and all the neighbours without exception)

(11) safety: Maintain and keep equipment, electrical safety components and anti‐ fire, accept the misting and video surveillance without warranty. The tenant is aware of all the safety instructions and received a copy of the instructions for use of all appliances. The accommodation is also equipped with a smoke detector and, in case of gas or combustion, a stand-alone detector CO and/or gas

(12) attention to not overwhelm the land and/or the septic: do not pour solid elements or for product harmful, caustic or disinfectant (chlorine bleach water, ETC). Maintenance of the ditch, seeding and if necessary drain, is borne by the tenant.

(13) attention to frost: (from December 1 to April 15): protect your outside tap all effective insulating means; Otherwise the morning you'd more water, and a frozen outdoor faucet broke to replace at your expense. You summers person in charge, don't forget it (checking until it freezes, by monitoring the weather or maintaining this year-round insulation).

(14) ventilation (ventilation slots): do not block! they are mandatory safety and avoid the formation of condensation moisture. If an electric dehumidifier is supplied (the case of non-permeable walls), it must be turned on.

(15) mice and insects are removed from the housing by the tenant: for example, use of traps (see lower developments), closure of a mouse with stones crossing…

(16) work, facilities and plantations (see also the table later in this document, the "Consultation" section):

-A (consent, consensus) is always required

-In the case of departure they are left in place.

-If there has not been a prior consultation to achieve them, they must also be left in place, unless the landlord is required by recorded delivery that they are deleted for restitution in the State of origin at the expense of the tenant.

-Any consideration would be to agree before, and can be imposed after.

This generic reality of any rental (here as elsewhere) can be understood by different cases:

-Undo work is counterproductive and if there is benefit for the one who defeated, it is minimal compared to the income that it would be to leave them in place

-the lessor should maybe then replace or repair to rent again. In the case of a tree, that removed would have necessarily pushed to the detriment of another wild or not.

– or maybe invested itself in materials or something else that would have not contractual, can be accepted other things by recognition, without necessarily saying.

-in any case it did not increase the rent but the tenant has received a more valuable local, to the risks or costs of the lessor and sometimes by blocking its materials for a unpredictable time.

(17) the subletting free or pay housing a of others is excluded, except for ad hoc arrangements.




Playback stops there if you are pressed (e)

Learn +, or ask a question or particular suggestion, type "keyword" in the "search box" in this web site. You may find article which develops more, followed by his blog comments.



It is in any lease whatever it is, free or paid, need to ask the landlord prior to any modification or work (even of little importance here: paint, etc). And never intervene oneself without pro on electricity. I insist on this classic clause: no matter if the work are the responsibility of the tenant or the owner, they must be coordinated in detail (and then left in case of departure such as trees). This consultation deals with the technology, ecology, the purpose and the financial consequences.

Each can have points of view or different obligations and complementary knowledge. En +, the owner can (maybe) thinking about for years, spend his time collecting info, free or cheaper material, and pursue a different aim.

Works or plantations

Consultation has ask? here or elsewhere,

Increased rent?

The tenant can he undo the changes subsequently?

When the lessor reimburse costs of improvements?

The tenant pays 100% materials and MO (the lessor is neither materials nor at the MO)


not.. .not here

non.. .neither here or elsewhere

Here, and only if this has been agreed in advance (before the tenant committed costs, especially since the lessor knows perhaps from more economic solutions), it may be decided that the lessor shall reimburse a portion of the costs: after departure of the tenant, if they took no aging, but 4 to 6 years after their completion and if the lessor could collect a rental plue-value with the following tenants.

The terms should be so specified in writing!

The lessor pays materials and/or participates in the MO:ici or elsewhere,

Yes… The lessor is not obliged to make improvements, as housing was originally chosen and accepted as it was at the agreed price at the outset

Yes.. .in case of improvements over the original contract, with the agreement of the two parties for a new contract.

non.. .neither here or elsewhere

If there has not been a prior consultation to achieve them, they must also be left in place, unless the landlord is required by recorded delivery that they are deleted for restitution in the State of origin at the expense of the tenant.

It is customary to know the price of a product or service before committing to buying it.

After giving a helping hand, a compensation is not being asked. The price if it is claimed must agree before.

The tenant could not accept that the landlord imposes a rent increase before the end of the lease, if the above has not been agreed before making individual or collective improvements…

Similarly, the lessor could accept the lessee imposed a reduction of rent, because he did the work, except if a compensation is decided together before work. (see right column)

Finally, it is recalled that the legal annual increase of approximately 2% to keep the rent at the same level as the inflation and wages and the price of life that increase all.

(16) work, facilities and plantations:

-A (consent, consensus) is always required (see "concertation", above)

-In the case of departure, equipment and improvements are left in place (under penalty of prosecution).

-If there has not been a prior consultation to achieve them, they must also be left in place, unless the landlord is required by recorded delivery that they are deleted for restitution in the State of origin at the expense of the tenant.

This generic reality of any rental (here as elsewhere) can be understood by different cases:

-Undo work is counterproductive and if there is benefit for the one who defeated, it is minimal compared to the income that it would be to leave them in place

-the lessor should maybe then replace or repair to rent again. In the case of a tree, that removed would have necessarily pushed to the detriment of another wild or not.

– or maybe invested itself in materials or something else that would have not contractual, can be accepted other things by recognition, without necessarily saying.

-in any case it did not increase the rent but the tenant has received a more valuable local, to the risks or costs of the lessor and sometimes by blocking its materials for a unpredictable time.


Parking is at the entry of the land. Do not make half turn in the large field for him let the charm of wildflowers and herbs: Please close the rope to prevent it to the stunned and outdoor.

If friends come with a livable vehicle, they can remain secure places in the North of the parking lot, not elsewhere on the ground. Up a night or 2 (no connect electric radiator).

It is free without guarantee or monitoring. If a bunch of broyât filed in the parking lot by a landscaper clip trimmer, please spread it out; It is a beautiful coating that avoids mud in the rainy season.

Sublease or loan:

Subletting, free or paid, is not allowed in conventional contracts, it is a generic clause recalled here. The original tenant cannot invite friends when he is on vacation. An exemption would be considered only if the guests are known.

Plants, varieties, their expression

It is of unusual things, first exposed so that each does not lose its time if it did not suit him;

-do not cut or trim without reason thoughtful and well coordinated; By mechanism, habit or formatting, it would distort sometimes unnecessarily spontaneous expression of trees and bushes which makes the charm that others want and look here. It is the result of several decades that could only (re) get voluntarily (if it was destroyed in a few minutes). Example: accused wrongly the Ivies to stifle the trees, so that they do not take their SAP, do not strangle them, and do not cover their leaves. On the contrary, they provide a reserve of auxiliary insects ("useful"). The association, which lists and protects hundreds of old trees in france, keeps their Ivies. A preconception is that interpreting everything to the support ("I see what I believe"), until a person believing in the misdeeds of Ivy seeing a dead tree covered with Ivy, concluded wrongly a relationship of cause and effect, while seeing a dead without Ivy, tree does not that he died because of the absence of Ivy.

-It is important to preserve large areas of wild grass, rich in biodiversity and flowers self-perpetuating if they are not cut… These are species tanks and "auxiliary" insect that is predatory, a balance. Herbivores are not introduced to preserve the biotope.

-do not pick the flowers; (in the case of compulsion picker, throw your sights on the white umbellifer giving seeds that cling? to differentiate from other white umbelliferae..)


-Consultation also before introducing a new variety: what might shock some, when for example they can introduce a vine "baco" or "noa", a flower or a honeysuckle that might intersect with his rare edible counterpart present or planned on the ground…

-I gladly provided seeds, green products, tips…


Do not cut the grass, or in an area well coordinated from July 15 (after vegetative and flowering).

It is often unnecessary to cut the grass: naturally, it goes down in the places where we impose our activity, which does not prevent the flowers make seeds to perpetuate itself.

Useful, this "carpet of procumbent herbs" is sweeter that the cut stems left by a trimmer or brushcutter, which deprive many insects in their habitat, they then become more numerous, aggressive, with imbalance and disturbance between those who annoy us and their predators.

Unusual but important: not salts bath, or industrial cosmetics

(1) it is a natural product that is not biodegradable: salt. It should be outlawed in the bathroom! because it is not to the liking of the trees.

(2) cosmetics contain 1050 non-biodegradable molecules and it's so easy to let pollute both they are ubiquitous, we must specify that they should not be used here. Nature can no longer expect that we procrastinions on the grounds that there are other things more serious. Cosmetics, laundry, antimoustiques… all "organic" alternatives exist and can be adopted, do advise you as needed.

(picture of a town hall in Malaysia: "it makes no difference where you come from but a great difference where you are going")

I prefer people who are happy in their lives or want to have and their dreams to those who criticize others to do so.

Only one transparent can spray the opacity of many others and seriously advance the debate and understanding.

Respect and kindness?

Choose and adhere to a contract does not dominate or submit.

It would be ungrateful to criticize are perceived, and preferable to feel gratitude for the savings (compared to the budget that you would have spent elsewhere, see table). Gratitude is good for the health of everyone… Although it is still off-topic, I also States that it is not the profits; In recent years, rents were not enough has pay 2000 to €3000 / month directly related costs has the rental activity.

Conclude the contract if you are certain (e) and content (s) of your choice and its commitments.

In certain ecovillages, there is a technical and environmental Charter and a philosophical one.

ELE seems more subjective but would be interesting while being difficult to submit as a rule.


There are some definitions of the word respect


OF NATURE by fundamentally ecological behaviors, in the sense the term local and global; OF others, without wishing to impose his beliefs, by simply providing the example of his own life experience – consensus in the decision-making – ability to listen to each other, in a dialogue franc and genuine respect of commitments – terms and conditions to manage conflict and identify any potential re-creator; SOI-MEME: Deny everything that can degrade human beings as alcoholism and drug – advance calling into question.

I bounce on the franchise: it seems to me that with transparency, it would be vectors of progress, respect, kindness. The adversarial is an ABC practical justice and halting plots and manipulations.