Also tolerate frost… jubaea chilensis (coconut chili – coconut 2, 5 cm), and 3 other fruit Palm trees

-5 ° C to-15 ° C according to pfaf (or even – 15 according to wikipedia (without reference), and -15 according to this seller who has experienced – 10 ° C:

12 m; and same 25 m high according to the link above / 5 m wide (very slow growth until the 15th year). It will take 40 to 51ans (South france: Hyeres, Montpellier), or even 60 years (more in the North) so that it flowers and fruits.



All soils

(In October in Hyères 🙂 Fruit – approx. 5 cm in diameter[200]. Containing coconut less than 3cm in diameter (JD).

The fruits are drupes ovoid, monospermiques. They are similar to a small coconut. They have orange or bright yellow, fibrous pulp surrounding a seed, containing a white flesh and edible whose taste is reminiscent of the endosperm of regular coconut.

picture fruit with its pulp:

The endocarps are traversed from the base to the Summit by 3 more or less salient furrows, alternating with three pores round or oval, located at different heights, from the base to the milieu7. These three seals contain three germs. The maturation of the infructescence of coconut lasts from February to may in the hemisphere africa10. This infructescence is also maturing in the South of the France. The nuts is called Chile coquito.

Picture of 08-07-2015 to 19.53 #2

The coquito is an oilseed. Analysis of oil of coquito shows that it is composed to 67.3% of fat (mostly), between 7 and 11% of proteins, carbohydrates and fibre11.

A pleasant flavor of ha[2]zelnuts used in sweets[183]. The seed is approximately 2.5 cm in diamete[jd]r. An edible oil was also obtained from the seed[46, 61, 105, 177].

SAP – raw or cooked. A very sweet taste, can be used as a refreshing drink, conc[1, 2, 11, 61]entrated in the syrup in the wine ferments or[183]. By removing the Crown of the Palm, the SAP starts to flow, then if the thin section of the trunk is removed each day, SAP continues to flow for several months[2]. A performance of more than 400 litres of SAP can be obtained from the tree[2].


Coconut tree of about ten meters of height in urban areas on a roundabout cluttered car.

A Centennial copy in Hendaye

JD: There was a copy in the Park Olbius Riquier in Hyères (Côte d'Azur) according to wikipedia: but he was dead and cut off when I went there in October 2015. I wonder if it is the effect the rundup repeated, still used in this retrograde garden.

Since 1900 and Torquay, a specimen was 7.5 meters height in 1972[11, 166].

The Villa Thuret (become a botanical station of INRA), the Cap d'Antibes, in the Maritime Alps, the first subject is planted in 1858, 4 years after planting.

Likely to be a sunny away in moist but well-drained soil[231]. Older plants are much more tolerant to cold than juvenile plants[231]. The areas at the limit of their tolerance to cold, so it is safe to grow plants in containers for a few years, it is a very slow growing plant, takes several years until it begins to form the trunk, growth is accelerating a 15th year. It takes up to 60 years to flower and produce seed[139]. The tree is very rare in its natural range (y being the biggest of all Palm trees with up to 5 m in circumference on the ground) because it has been widely exploited for its edible SAP. The trees are decapitated so a large amount of SAP exudes from the trunk. The tree cannot produce side branches and he therefore died after this treatment[139].


The seed may take six months to a year to germinate[200]. Soak it for 12 to 24 hours in warm water on receipt then sow directly in place or in a greenhouse?

The seed has a short life span (3 years according to this forum). The multiplication is done exclusively by seed. The germination rate is greater than 50%. To obtain satisfactory results, "we must sow the fresh seeds *, winter (5 ° C to 10 ° C) a few weeks in damp earth, then place them in warm conditions (27 ° C) and humid.» "Growth of seedlings is delicate, because they are susceptible to a disease (a kind of cast iron) whose origins are unknown. It however takes three to eight months to get the first sheet, easy and long enough. Growth is then very slow early, as for all the Palm trees. (wiki)

fresh seeds germinate faster, this is true with almost all of the seeds (jd).

The jubaea not fresh could put 4 years to germinate depending on this forum

This means according to the origin of the seeds, if they are harvested in July and is the sown immediately in place, they could germinate during the rainy spring after, unless you put prior to the fridge, and that we watered them daily by hand or drip, and then that it protects from the cold young seedling as they are older subjects who tolerate frost. (jd)

Can the first winters, put straw and a clear plastic, a bell or a frame on the young feet directly seeded in place to not be transplanted. (jd)

I see on the forums of chess (or time?) in the event of direct sowing in open ground, but may be that daily watering would have given them success.

Another jubaea:

Latin Name Common Name Family Synonyms Note? Differences
Jubaea chilensis Chilean Wine Palm, Chile cocopalm Arecaceae or Palmae J. spectabilis. Cocos chilensis 3 -10 ° C. 12-25 m. germination 2 to 12 months, after produces 40-60 years, nuts 2.5 cm in a fruit of 4 to 5cm. The largest Palm trees.
Parajubaea cocoides Quito Palm Arecaceae or Palmae 1 -5 ° C. 15 m. (seen in the wild according to, product after 4 years, 2 cm Walnut sweet and oily appreciated children. Tolerates light Frost, does not support the cultivation in pot. More frail trunk, recalling the common coconut palm.
 Another fruit Palm tolerant gel: Brahea edulis is the Palm of guadeloupe,-8 to-10 ° C
 AN other Palm tree, BUTIA ODORATA (EX-CAPITATA), gives edible fruit color and taste of Apricot and grows quickly enough to withstand adulthood (according to the seller which link at the beginning of article) until á – 14 ° C, or – 2 ° C according to PFAF (seed met 2 or 3 months to germinate),-10-to-12 ° C according to other sources.

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