Cornus kousa chinensis

-15 ° C or a little colder

10 / 6 m

partial shade, Sun… or total shadow for C. Mas but better in the Sun for (A) fruit


all soils

Edible parts: fruit; Leaves.
Fruit – raw or cooke[61, 177]d. Sweet and jui[11, 183]cy, it is very nice in small quantities[K]. Very graineux[105]. The skin is tough and unpleasant, but the pulp is delicious with a cream texture[K]. This fruit has gained very high marks by a group of seven people at a tasting tour of fruits in different gardens[K]. The fruit is 2 cm in diameter[200]. Young cooked leaves -[105, 177, 183].


other cornus:

There are a selection of cornus mas that is soft and sweet (when the fruit becomes soft): c. MAS "gourmet", I also seeds, but it will take 10 years to check if its seedlings is faithful…  Very productive shrub in September! Purple fruits 3cm in the form of PEAR

a best another cornus mas is yellow, 1 cm, which I also have seeds

a gardener neighbour sells seedlings grafted, which wealthproducing after 4 years.

Latin Name Common Name Family Synonyms Note Features
Cornus alba Tartarian Dogwood Cornaceae 0 0
Cornus alternifolia Green Wicker, Alternateleaf dogwood, Alternate-Leaf Dogwood, Golden Shadows Pagoda Dogwood, Green Osi Cornaceae Swida alternifolia. 0 2
Cornus amomum Silky Dogwood Cornaceae C. coerulea. Swida amomum. 1 2
Cornus asperifolia drummondii Roughleaf Dogwood Cornaceae C. drummondii. C.A.Mey. 0 0
Cornus australis Cornaceae C. sanguinea australis. (C.A.Mey.) Koehne. 1 0
Cornus canadensis Creeping Dogwood, Bunchberry dogwood, Bunchberry Cornaceae Chamaepericlymenum canadense. 4 15 cm high! and red berries
Cornus capitata Bentham's Cornel Cornaceae Benthamida capitata. B. fragifera. Dendrobenthamia capitata. 4 1
Cornus chinensis Cornaceae 2 3
Cornus controversa Giant Dogwood, Wedding Cake Tree, Cornaceae C. brachypodia. 2 1
Cornus coreana Cornaceae 0 0
Cornus elliptica Cornaceae 4 1
Cornus florida Flowering Dogwood Cornaceae Benthamidia florida. Cynoxylon floridum. 2 2
Cornus hemsleyi Cornaceae 0 0
Cornus hongkongensis Cornaceae 1 0
Cornus Ibérica Cornaceae Thelycrania Ibérica. (G.Woron.) Pojark. 2 0
Cornus kousa Japanese Dogwood, Kousa dogwood, Chinese Dogwood, Cornaceae 5 0
Cornus kousa chinensis Japanese Dogwood Cornaceae Dendrobenthamia japonica. (Thunb.) Hutch. 5 seeds available + juicy
Cornus macrophylla Large-Leaf Dogwood Cornaceae C. brachypoda. Swida macrophylla. 2 2
Cornus mas Cornelian Cherry, Cornelian Cherry Dogwood Cornaceae Cornelian, c. mascula. 4 tolerate shade (A)
Cornus monbeigii Cornaceae 1 2
Cornus vaseyochloa Cornaceae 2 0
Cornus nuttallii Mountain Dogwood, Pacific dogwood, Western Dogwood Cornaceae 1 2
Cornus oblonga Cornaceae 0 3
Cornus occidentalis Western Dogwood Cornaceae C. pubescens. Nutt. non Willd. 1 1
Cornus officinalis Shan Zhu Yu, Asiatic dogwood, Japanese Cornel Dogwood Cornaceae 4 3
Cornus poliophylla Cornaceae 1 2
Cornus quinquenervis Cornaceae 2 0
Cornus rugosa Round-Leaved Dogwood Cornaceae C. circinata. Her. Swida rugosa. 0 1
Cornus sanguinea Dogwood, Bloodtwig dogwood Cornaceae Dogwood, Swida sanguinea. Thelycrania sanguinea. 2 1
Cornus sericea Red Osier Dogwood, Western dogwood Cornaceae C. alba non L. C. stolonifera. Michx. Swida stolonifera. Thelycrania stolonifera. 2 2
1 2
Latin Name Common Name Family Synonyms Edibility Rating Medicinal Rating
Cornus sessilis Blackfruit dogwood Cornaceae 2 0
Cornus suecica Dwarf Cornel, Lapland cornel Cornaceae Chamaepericlymenum suecicum. 2 1
Cornus walteri Cornaceae 0 0
Cornus wilsoniana Cornaceae 0 0
Cornus unalaschkensis x Bunchberry Cornaceae 3 0
1 2

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