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Why the new benefit they models and copyright protection?

You can move the info from this site by specifying their origin and (to) use free of charge. In the case of commercial recovery, rights 'intellectual property' help to better know their history, and allow a 'win-win' consultation.

I have for decades, for example was on bio shows every time réexposant some mattresses which were not selling. This faithfully to my beliefs, much time, energy, and visible part of the iceberg, it did not pay the fee. (I even saw my exo of loads for young enterprises, refused on the grounds that I had no competitor for judging of the sustainability of the 'project'!) … Then one day the news become the flavor of the day, the "market" opens… Suite what efforts? To whose benefit?

Specify the source (site link) when you quote or copy an extract. Models and copyrights (texts and photos of originality) of the administrator of "solar thermal", "Forest fruit" are deposited (protected). This is to benefit from a consultation in case of desire for commercial recovery.

There are resistors and damages related in my opinion, that it lives or makes things that tomorrow will be an obvious standard adopted and approved by all, an ecological necessity as well as a source of well-being.

These resistors are not always aware or intentional.

The progress of life and justice are, them, favored by the solidarity among defenders of life on all sides: solidarity technical, administrative, relational…

During the past 30 years I worked in the greatest discretion and anonymity. Since 2014 I started this web site.

A positive hypothesis is to explore (corroborate and contradict) in the category "cabins… to inspire the Romans", on the subject:"… adopted new?": being precursor first attract the denigration and sunrises shields (strong opposition by some, that particular cost me great honor + €30,000 for a trial of the housing aid lost against the opinion of the rapporteurs advisors employed by the Court of cassation), then… Adoption, recognition by many more,.. .a couple months or decades later? According to the degree and scale of novelty (family or societal)?

It would be legitimate as activists working to induce ideas for more than 20 years (volunteer for the general interest), and even any person author of original innovation, benefits as a priority, and is cited by which apply, publiciterait or broadcast (editors, models, photos, designs, innovations).

It is recommended to copy, publicize, develop the benevolent ideas! In free reciprocal. And it is then asked:

A to return by a link to the source, "thermal – solar .com". If you need to show an excerpt on paper or on your own site, tell the us, and in this case the source, the date and the protection of rights (author and eventual exploitation) must be referenced. (so that your visitors are also kept informed)

Any Internet user can expand all issue by a post (comment), and ask be cited when his writings. (by default, "JD" is the author of the pages and blogs, photos, and creations listed in section "innovations")

B – to coordinate in the event of your commercial profit (in the advertising interests of the 2 parties, indeed)

Thank you!

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Think that a company could ask the authority to operate your creation if you have filled in an email address and that you are reachable: activate "notify me when someone replies a my comment": the site administrators would not use your address for other purposes.

ation, because in 2 clicks we change the date of the articles. If facebook has already been recognized by the courts as a means of prosecution evidence, it seems not logic: anyone can create a page on behalf of anyone, change dates, etc.

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